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The perfect video editing tool for Youtubers !

Don't waste more time and money on complex professional software, with our easy to use intuitive social media video editor you will have more time for creating new and engaging content.

Youtube Video Editing
simple youtube video editing
edit a travel video

Make outstanding travel videos !

Get the most of your travels with use a simple and easy video editor. Because it is easy to understand and fast to render pro-grade videos, you can edit videos from anywhere, anytime.

Travel Video Editing

Show the best of music events !

Share the best of music events: with advanced text features, awesome transitions and color filters, our tool has all the features you could need to build a widely shared video.

Music Video Editing
easily make a music video
showcase sports video editor

Create captivating sport videos

With its sync advanced features, picture on picture, dynamic transitions, text capabilities and intuitive voice recording, you will surely create the greatest sports content in no time. Be a winner!

Sports Video Editing

Share the magic of the show !

Make reports or highlights of what you can see on the stage, and retranscribe the emotion of the performance and the reaction of the audience. Great color effects and transitions will make it more vibrant and engaging.

Artistic Event Video
make event video software
tuto video youtube instagram pinterest

Teach with the best tools

Show your public how to do the things, text features and voice support is included in our awesome video editor. Make your videos viral with a good balance of professionalism and fun.

Tutorial Video Editing

Make a video for your beloved !

For the not so professional social media users, you might use it to share your emotions. Why not take your time and make the perfect gift as a wonderful video to show your love.

Love Video Editor
show love video maker
Make engaging video content now !
examples of complex video features

Social Media Examples built with the Movie Maker

Kudoflix includes a lot of features and functionnalities to bring your social media channel or page to the top of charts!

All the content generated is of professional quality and the unique features of the software will make your video look like no one else!

View the examples to have a better idea of what Kudoflix can achieve in no time. Your infinite source of likes and subscribers is just one click away!

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