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Take your travel videos and vlogs to the next level with our amazing video editing software! Create exciting stories with stunning visual effects and cool material!

A lot of useful features, all simple to use, allow you to create from scratch a professional video of your travel. It's easy to tell a, instagram story or make a large Youtube program with the extended text capabilities and framing effects.

All is easy to use and accessible to everybody, you don't need to be a pro, you can focus on grabbing medias and make the storytelling.

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Build videos for all platforms in a click

Kudoflix has a large choice of ratios and formats, so you can create a video for many platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Facebook. You work on a single project and the content will adapt to the output ratio. One creation can be published on all the platforms

And with the export and import project options, you can easily make variations of your project to match your audience on every platform and follow each platform requirements. You can for example, make a shorter version or display less content.

The video editor is made to offer all the fonctionnalities and effects present in the complex and expensive software and used by the most popular youtubers.

Edit where you want, and when you want

With this multiplatform video editor, you can edit and publish your videos from your travel place. You don't need an expensive desktop computer and a fast internet connection to make it run and you can do all the work on a laptop computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

You'll achieve professional results in no time with this revolutionary video software. With the long list of unique functionalities this video editor has to offer, this is definitely the best choice to create popular travel videos, for social networks professional and for beginners.

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