Clever timelines for an easy video editing

Clear, dedicated and independant timelines for all your video needs

A global and clear timeline to navigate easily

Kudoflix offers a revolutionary system of dedicated timelines, each designed with a distinct purpose and the unique capability to be independently modified, to provide users an enhanced and personalized editing experience that will fit with their creative vision.

This versatile video editor, with its five intricately designed timelines, provides a wide choice of creative possibilities. The player timeline, located just below the display, providing an instantaneous global snapshot of your project. This timeline serves as a comprehensive movie summary, with color strips that represent scenes, their lengths are proportional to their durations so you can have a good idea of the organization of the video edit job. Below, find smaller strips that outline the incorporation of clips, overlay images, texts, and music elements in your video. Clicking on this timeline makes you navigate on the movie and the other timelines.

easy video editor with simple timeline to place sequences
Build videos like a pro !
scene video editor, timeline manager

The scenes timeline, skeleton of your movie project

Kudoflix features a comprehensive overview of your video editing thanks to its global representation of the movie building. With a simple click, you can arrange the sequences of your creation.

These rectangles, which symbolize your scenes or sequences, are linked together, one after another, giving a visual representation of your narrative video creation. Between the media blocks, you can integrate transitions, they play an essential role in defining the atmosphere of your movie. The basic scene timeline view does not scale with the duration. That ensures an easy editing, especially when you mix long videos and short sequences. You can select other views that display a more classic timeline, where medias have a size proportional to their duration.

You can easy drop photos and videos to this timeline or simply clicking will reveal an options panel. This panel allows you to alter the medias, change video effect settings, or choose between a simple or advanced textured background instead of a media.

Mastering Cinema Framing like a pro

Below the scenes lies a compact timeline dedicated to the framing features. Here, you can add and adjust framing keyframes, a secondary but essential tool to your creative toolkit. Framing is a dynamic functionality, which transform your scenes by enabling movement and zoom, according to your artistic ideas.

This feature allows you to sculpt and refine your vidoes with a never seen level of control. The ability to add and move framing keyframes enable you to shape each scene with precision, resulting in the the making of a professional-grade video production that captivate and engage your audience. Framing is what will make your videos different and show your artistical potential when it's about visual content editing.

framing tool for online video editor
intelligent timeline for sound effects and music video editor

The items timeline, overlay items and sounds

In the lower section of the Kudoflix application, you can toggle between two distinct timelines dedicated to video visual overlay items, and sound effects and music. A dynamic interface lets you a great liberty for moving and editing elements with precision.

Within these timelines, enjoy the freedom to move elements with ease, orchestrating their start and end points in time in a so intuitive manner. You can here synchronize visual overlay items and sound elements precisely with your main sequences, empowering the coherence and impact of your video project. Kudoflix is a new way of experiencing video editing by providing the best tools in your hands, and allowing you shape every visual and nuance in your movie work with finesse and creative mastery.