Text in video has never been so beautiful

A wide and non equaled variety of text decorations in a video editor

Movie maker software with built-in Text Magic

Kudoflix features the most complete solution you can find with it's about displaying texts. It features hundreds of selected fonts, cool styles and decorations, from text body to text background, and everything can be textured.

In you video project, add pro full parametrable animations, neon lights, 3D effects, and so much more! You will find the perfect style matching your movie and the emotion you want to transmit

There's a large library of presets that just let you choose a style and use it directly in your video creation. It pro photo editing software quality in one click. There's dozens of parameters that can be changed for a text to you can make infinite variations of a preset.

text presets in video editor
Make your words live !
font select video maker

Creativity in words with Kudoflix Video Editor

Welcome into the world of text magic with our outstanding video editor. A large playground of fonts, lots of styles and settings, and many animation possibilities await you in Kudoflix movie creator.

Words become a piece of art and decorate and define the style of your movie as the photos or videos would do. There's a large selection of fonts to match every mood and message.

Kudoflix video editor introduces a new level of effects that enhance your text like never before. Complex combinations of textures, gradients, shadows, pixel effects are combined to create unique text styles, and all is so easy to obtain with the text presets.

Text Excellence in Video editing

The text in the video editor can be modified in countless ways. You can change the font itself and choose from a large selection, change the color of the body, border, background, and even the border of the background of the text! You can use gradients instead of flat colors.

You can use texture to give your text body or background the apparence of stone, wood, fur, or fill it with a selection of unique patterns.

Kudoflix video editor also makes it possible to play with the borders of the text and background. There's many options and possibilities, you can go from bold strokes to 3D borders, shadows, glow effects. All is here to make unique texts!

text decoration choice video editing tool