Project storage options

your project can be stored in various forms

Flexible Storage Options for Your Projects

With our video editor, you're in control of where you store your movie creation. You can keep your projects close at hand by storing them in your browser's cache for quick access.

If you prefer a more tangible approach, save your projects to a local folder on your hard drive or device storage memory.

And soon, for the ultimate convenience and security, you will also be able to store your projects online, ensuring they're accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

The choice is yours, your video stored on your device, or safe in the cloud, your creativity is always within reach!

flexible video storage
Browser cache
  • Instant access, best option to try the service or make a one shot video
  • Browser cache can be emptied at any time
  • You can copy the browser cache project to a local drive
  • Local Folder
  • You will choose a project folder and all the content will be saved in this place
  • You project can't be wiped by the browser, it's the safest way to build a longer movie
  • You can export the project as a project archive file you can use on other devices or share
  • This type of storage requires a Premium subscription
  • (soon) You can have a backup of the project online
  • Cloud Storage (soon)
  • This is an online backup of your project in a secure cloud storage
  • You can retrieve or update the backup from your local folder project from any device
  • You will never lose your project if your computer or hard drive fails
  • Make a movie from anywhere !
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