Do It Yourself on a video!

A complete movie editor to show your creations and teach others about

DIY Tuto Video editing made easy!

Share your video creations with the world using our new enhanced video editor. Kudoflix has all the features you will need to explain step by step how to craft things, like a revolutionary way of chaining scenes and frame perfect time settings.

This professional video editor comes with cool effects that make your videos pop, like timelapse and fun stickers. It's easy to gather all your video rushes and assemble these in a captivating video, including transitions and explanations. Express your creativity through a video and show your creations to the world!

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Teach and show now with our intuitive video editor !
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Assemble videos in a captivating movie

Once you have grabbed the whole process leading to your artistic creation, you gather and import the videos and photos in the application. If you need some extra media, there's a lot of professional quality stock videos and photos available to improve your video content.

Kudoflix is made to create videos easily from your photos and video rushes. It's easy to drag and drop what you want to display sequentially and work on the order and the flow of your final video. You can set all the timings to give some rythm on the creation process you want to show to your audience.

Unique Video editing features: text and overlays

Once you have the skeleton of your video showing the whole process you want to explain, you can add voice over and floating texts to explain what users can see on video. There's a lot of professional text settings to animate it so it fits perfectly on your project.

You can also add photos or videos over your main video to strenghten your speech. For example you can have a general view of you speaking and a close up view on your DIY work at the same time. You can switch back and forth between the views to focus on what's really important and pass a message.

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