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Compile the best moments of your favorite concerts with Kudoflix awesome video editor. . This revolutionary video editing software comes with cool and colorful effects that add some big punch to your videos.

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Amplify your concert experience with this unmatched video editor. It has serious professional capabilities and dynamic visuals effects that make your live music event unforgettable.

You can sync the sound perfectly with the image, and display several videos at once for more immersion. You can set the timing of everything, from videos to moving elements, with an incredible precision.

Kudoflix professional video editor also have fully parametrable text features, than can for example, allow you to put colorful and moving lyrics on the videos.

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Add funky twist on your concert videos with our dynamic video editor. You'll find colorful filters, sparks, glowy effects, bokeh, and so many visual effects to enhance your movie.

Texts can be parameters and you have unlimited possibilities of decoration, to match exactly the mood of the music. Also, texts have frame precision time settings and many opening or closing animation and behaviour so you can put the right text at the right time over the video.

Kudoflix has an easy to use interface so you can make a video in no time, even if you're not a video editing master.

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