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Make immersive videos of soccer, basketball, skateboarding, car races or any other sport, this video editing tool has everything you need to capture and showcase epic games and races. With super dynamic features, transitions and effects, you can add a serious professional touch to your videos, and make your short movies and reports the best available.

With dynamic transitions than can be set with a frame perfect precision, you can chain the best moments in a captivating video review. Also video overlays, voice capturing capability and unique text features will let you comment the event.

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Dynamic video editor with frame level precision

Kudoflix has unique capabilities that let you set all the timings with a great precision. You can set the duration of the scenes, overlays visual items, animated texts, video transitions and any animation effect with ease.

Sound and video blocks have synchronization features to ensure you can easily change the context and look of your video while keeping the flow of your video creation.

The nicest part of this revolutionary video editing software is that you build and view the movie as it will be in the final build. The preview has a great accuracy and makes it easy to fine tune your video creation.

Built in commentary feature in this video editor

Once you've set up the basis of your video and added some dynamic transitions, you can easily add your own commentaries to your video. You can put animated text wherever and whenever you want but you have a better option that is recording your voice directly on the video.

This unique and never seen feature let you play the movie and record your voice while seeing the images, then syncs it exactly where you started recording it. You can retry if you forgot something or if you're not convinced. This makes live comment in sports videos so real!

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