Enhance your work with pro color filters

A very large collection of color filters, all fully parametrable

Video editing with vibrant Color Filters

Add some serious vibes to your videos with Kudoflix video maker's amazing color filters. A magic wand transforming regular footage in a vibrant masterpiece with a simple click or tap.

These filters go much further than Instagram filters, because if you want you can edit any single parameter of the filters, and the possibilities are infinite! There's color presets for all types of movies so you can give the mood you want to your video production.

It's super easy to use, just click on your favorite filter or drag and drop it, and your video instantly becomes a whole new experience thanks to the pro quality presets.

exclusive color filters in this video making app
Make a colorful movie !
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Choose your color palette with dynamic video filters

Kudoflix video maker features dynamic color filters. You start with one of the many presets the app offers, from classic tones to modern vibes, and you can choose within a wide selection that cover most of needs.

And here comes the magic: You're not limited by these presets, you can tweak and adjust them as you want changing every single parameter that compose the filter. Create your own style and make your video a special art piece that can't be seen anywhere else.

The easy interface makes it easy and fun to experiment and advanced dynamic video filters will give your video a special touch!

Large collection of classic photo filters inside

Classic filters can be used straightforward with this exceptional movie editing software. You will find most of the filters used in cinema productions or availble in other videos apps.

Black and white, sepia and old photo color filters will give a vintage charm to your video creation, while some filters will make the colors pop, change contrast or rotate colors to enhance your medias.

These wonderful filters are designed to enhance all types of media, from photos to videos. and will bring a level of sophistication that until now only pros could access.

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