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Video editor to create Youtube Shorts, Instagram Stories, TikTok

Win time and money in the video creation process

Most of the video editors used by Youtubers or Instagramers are expensive programs created by big companies. The learning curve is very steep and online video content makers have to learn the job of video editing or hire a professional to assemble their content.

Aside from the complexity of these softwares, they hardly run on a laptop and require a high end desktop computer to run. Social Network Content makers have to spend a lot of hours to be able to put together their video rushes.

Kudoflix video editor saves them a lot of time and money and makes this building process a breeze, Youtube and Instagram or Tiktok video makers can spend more time improving their content and exchanging with their followers.

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Video Editing Tool tailored for online videos

Kudoflix social video editor has been made for people who want to create content easily on many platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest or Tiktok. It features all the essential capabilities needed to make online video.

Choose in a wide catalog of effects and transitions that will match perfectly the video you want to show. Enhanced video features like text animation and decoration, voice dubbing feature and video framing capability will make your video unique and different from the competition.

A deep work has been done to ensure there's no existing videos on youtube or instagram you can't reproduce with Kudoflix video editor. You will find in this movie maker software all the video features and visual effects. And Kudoflix is in perpetual update, so nothing will be missing from the editor.

Make a video compatible with all social media platforms

With this revolutionary video editing software, it's so easy to adapt your video content to meet the specific requirements of different social media platforms. With landscape videos to be played on Youtube, Vimeo and shown on TVs and Instagram, Youtube Shorts or TikTok with their portrait or square formats. There's a lot of potential modifications to be made on video projects.

Kudoflix video editor makes it easy and you can publish directly in any ratio and you don't have to make copies or edit specifically your video for a particular platform. With a variety of possible video aspect ratios that can be switched directly, you can publish your video creation to any social media platform.

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