Short videos built with Kudoflix video editor

Simple demo, stock media and smooth transitions

Some nice content around the nature theme is gathered, timings for images, videos and transitions can be set freely.

The video editor includes hundreds of transitions, you have all the basic ones, like fade, move or zoom, and some more complex transitions.
There's some transitions based on an image that will do smooth changes between scenes

Transition movement has an easing parameter that controls the behaviour of the animation, it can for example start fast, or progressively accelerate, bounce, etc..

Advanced frames for photos and videos

You can add graphic frames to your elements and get some unique look.

A large amount of frame material is available in Kudoflix, from wood, plastic to metal finish, you can give your content a unique touch.
Everything is parametrable, you can set the size of the frame and the matting size and color. You can also alter the material color

Easy to use and outstanding templates

Hundreds of templates are available in Kudoflix to give your videos the desired mood.

Everything is parametrable, so you can start with a template and make it behave exactly as you want.
You can later add template in your existing project and mix templates smoothly.

Overlay video effects

Many overlay video effects can be used in the scenes of your project.

From lovely floating hearts to shining stars, you will find the effect that will give a very special touch to your project and make your video look great.

You can also change the behaviour of the effect, like its speed and size.

Framing capability as in pro softwares

Make videos like a pro with this incredible framing feature. You can use it to make smooth transitions from a main scene to an overlay element and vice-versa.

You can for example detach a video of the narrator speaking to make it smaller to show in full screen an image that helps the speech to be understood.

Start creating now !
large gallery of stock media in video software

Use stock medias to enhance your creation

A world of endless creativity with our vast selection of stock media. Discover high-quality videos, captivating photos, animated gifs, and perfect music tracks.

Add depth to your projects or infuse them with emotion. Our large stock media collection has everything you need.

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