Quick overview of Kudoflix

How it can build great videos in minutes

An intuitive application to create videos

Kudoflix movie editor is designed to make the process of creating stunning videos a breeze. You don't need to be an expert of video editing to get started, it's all about your creativity and vision.

All is built so that even the youngest and the oldest can create some great videos. Professional users will also find what they need, there's a lot of advanced and complex options but so intuitive that they will never be a brake to the creating video experience.

Here's a sneak peek at how easy it is to craft your first video production:

Movie editor process explained
1/ Add Medias to your library
  • Use the upload button in the media tab to upload your Photos, Videos, Music, etc
  • Or select a category and enter a keyword in the stock search bar and add great content to your library
  • 2/ Place these elements in your movie
  • Drag and drop the medias from your library to the timeline at the bottom
  • There's two distinct areas in the bottom part, the scene area and the elements area
  • Scenes is the backbone of your movie. the element in the boxes will be played sequencially
  • Elements are overlay items that are independant from the scenes
  • 3/ Add text, effects
  • Browse to the content categories and drag and drop an item to the scene or timeline area
  • Once dropped or selected, you can control everything about this item in the options panel
  • 4/ Add sound
  • The same way you dropped visual content, drop the musics in the elements timeline
  • You can move the small bar to adjust the timing
  • 5/ Export and share
  • Click on the build button, choose your output options and generate your video
  • Once created, you can download your video and use it wherever you want
  • That's it! You've made your first video !
    Start creating now !
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