Large choice of free stock content

Free to use photos, video, GIFs, clips, music for your movie

Exploit a large library of free medias

We present to you an extensive repository of diverse stock media, with an array of captivating photos, videos, GIFs, sounds, and music. Use these great quality resources to infuse your videos with unparalleled flair and allure.

Thanks to our partners Pexels, Giffy and Openverse. We can offer you high quality content to make a great movie. You can also mention the authors of the medias you use in your movie if you want it.

Launch the video software and immerse yourself in this vast library and give birth to masterpieces that will impress your audience and mark their spirits.

free stock content for film editor
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gif collection and clipart library in video editor

Make funny videos with GIFs and Cliparts

Using Cliparts and GIFs in your video productions adds creativity and dynamism. We offer in our video software a large selection of assets to match all your needs in your movie project.

Cliparts offer pre-designed graphic elements for visual enrichment, while GIFs bring motion and engagement. Cliparts highlight key info, while GIFs create eye-catching effects. Together, they enhance your video's appeal and audience engagement.

You have a large choice of assets from our stock partner and a large library of exclusive Kudoflix cliparts.

Amplify your video with a wide selection of stock music

This exceptional video editor offers an extensive array of stock music that spans genres, moods, and tempos. You'll find the perfect soundtrack to complement your videos.

But that's not all, you can also give your videos your personal style by seamlessly integrating your own music. Whether you're a budding artist or a dedicated audiophile, our editor supports a wide range of common audio formats.

It's time to take your videos to the next level by adding the power of music to your storytelling. With Kudoflix video editor, your videos will be remembered.

Sound effects and music for videos