Let's start the show, and put it all together !

Use our Movie editor to render the best of a performance

Record a masterpiece, then create another one!

When you grab a live performance, you can lose some of the emotion and atmosphere of the moment, a steady still recording will not appeal the audience.

With Kudoflix, you can make it dynamic, by only keeping the important moments, keeping all the action. and gather everything with fast and moving transitions that will match perfectly the performance. One of the strengths of this movie editing software is that it's very easy to arrange, cut and move bits of video around.

And you don't need to be a professional video editor master, it's so intuitive that anybody can go the job.

pro movie editor with framing features
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pro online movie maker with dynamic transitions

Versatile editor that match any performance

From famous Broadway shows to first kid theater trials, Kudoflix is the perfect video editing tool to make a report or a full coverage of a live event. It has unique text capabilities and decorations. You can choose in a wide selection of professional looking fonts and add borders, body, gradients so the text will match the ambiance of your video creation.

You can also use these text features to add dynamic subtitles to your videos, and animated all the text with a frame level precision.

Border, frames, backgrounds and pattern functionnalities will help you give a fun or a professional look to your video creation.

Video editing: Cut, Join and Synchronize

One of the unique features of Kudoflix new video editor is the framing concept. It consists of adding a keyframe to a scene, and manage the movement of the scene around this keyframe. You can make the scene zoom to a particular area, and fine tune the duration of the zoom or its acceleration.

You can have multiple overlay videos that can pop in and out, so you can alternate between video contents or show various at once.

On top of this, you have synchronization options that make you sure you have a continuity in the video or sounds, whever you display these or not, or you move them around.

pro feature video tool make editing easy