Impressive pro movie framing capabilities

Make your video attractive with close-ups and travellings

Smooth moves, make your content pop in and out

Kudoflix's framing capabilities transform the visual dynamics of your videos. The ability to reduce the main scene to a smaller area introduces a captivating creative dimension to your video editing, allowing you to focus attention on specific elements or actions within the frame.

This feature provide creators a way to integrate insets, showcasing their content within the primary scene and adding layers of depth to the video story. By making videos or photos pop in and out of the scene, you can create a dynamic movie experience, focusing on key moments with a better impact. The video editor framing options provide a versatile toolkit for filmmakers, with the best to experiment with composition and presentation and obtain achieve a visually engaging and narratively rich video result.

framing pro video feature explained
Create Films like a pro !
framing timeline in kudoflix online video maker

Dedicated timeline and comprehensive feature

The video maker introduces a dedicated timeline that gives users precise control over framing effects, revolutionizing the way videos are composed. With the capability to add keyframes at specific moments, users can strategically dictate when and how the scene should zoom, allowing for meticulous control over the visual video creation.

It's possible to set how the zooming effect is executed, by fine-tuning the timing of framing transitions and customize the animation type, have it accelerate or a linear movement. Chaining framing effects will lead to great creative video content.

All your videos are synchronized

Having multiple videos, split scenes, and make the video pop in and out can be a nightmare in most video editors. With Kudoflix, doing this has never been so easy because you don't have to manage all the video content, starts, cuts.

A synchronizing option is present on all video elements, regardless of the size or position, and even if it's a different element, the video content and sound will continue without beeing cut.

This features give a lot of liberty to unleash your creativity and make some unique video content that will captivate your audience.

Automatic video synchronization in scene changes