Everyone can create Family Videos

Make a movie to share and remember the day

Keep forever this moment with a video !

Anybody in the family, even kids or beginners, can create a video with our powerful video editing software, and share their creation. Fun effects and a large choice of assets help you make a nice movie sequence.

Souvenir Video
make a souvenir video with Kudoflix
birthday film maker

Wish a vibrant happy birthday

Celebrate this day with a birthday video, that you will share afterwards, or gather old photos and medias from all your close relatives to make a short story of your loved one, which will be watched during the celebration.

Birthday Movie Editing

Wedding videos made easy

Create a professional grade video of this particular day with our video editor. No need to pay for a professional, you just have to gather the photos and videos of the guests and make a great compilation.

Wedding Video Editing
professional wedding video maker
simple holiday video creator

How to remember these nice places and moments

Keep a souvenir of these nice holidays with your family or friends. Build a fun and colorful video, and show the emotion of the nice places visited or the good moments spent.

Holidays Movies

A video to remember this special day at school

Make a souvenir of this graduation day, the video editor comes with all the features to retranscribe the magic! In a few cliks, you can create a nice video to share with all your family.

Make a Graduation Video
online graduation story creator
christmas movie editor for all the family

Christmas is coming, keep this moment engraved

Capture the beauty of this moment and build a video with nice features and effects, and the access to free stock media. Kudoflix has a lot of special christmas content to add to the magic!

Christmas Video Editing

Keep this First day on a beautiful video

Keep this very particular day forever and make it a gift for the future. Kudoflix has smooth and calm visual effects and transitions to make a lovely video.

Create a Birth Video
birth report film creator
cat movie creator, easy and fast software

Wooof it with a video!

Tell the story of your pet with our dynamic and funny content and effects. Launch Kudoflix and within a few clicks, transform your best friend in the first role of a blockbuster.

Make a pet story
Create souvenir videos now !
view how Kudoflix can bring your ideas to life to create videos

View Family Video Examples built with Kudoflix

Everybody in the family can use Kudoflix, because it's a very accessible video editing software. With unlimited possibilities, everybody can transform his idea in a masterpiece.

To see what kind of video you can achieve with Kudoflix, and to learn about the capabilities of the video maker.

Watch the examples, which will describe feature by feature what Kudoflix can do.

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