All the best visual effects available

Kudoflix has an ever growing collection of outstanding vfx

A large choice of overlay visual effects

A unique Video editor that offers a captivating array of overlay visual effects, including enchanting elements such as snow, stars, flying hearts and bokeh.

The snow overlay delicately drapes scenes, evoking a quiet and festive atmosphere. The stars effect, on the other hand, introduces a celestial and sparkling touch, ideal for night scenes or magical moments.

The bokeh overlay creates a mesmerizing interplay of out-of-focus lights, adding a touch of sophistication and magic to the visual composition.

These meticulously crafted overlay effects will enhance your videos, providing a cinematic and personalized aesthetic that pushes the narrative and captivates viewers.

snow effect and bokeh effect in video editor
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parametrable video fx in movie editor

All the effects are fully parametrable

Visual effects within this video editing tool can be fine tuned to boost your creativity, for example changing the number of items displayed on the screen, enabling users to affect the density and complexity of visual elements. Kudoflix video maker also let you adjust the size of these elements to add an additional layer of customization, and make variations and radically different effects.

Movement speed becomes another dynamic parameter, so you can make your effect follow the rhythm of transitions or animations and fit in your movie's mood. The direction in which elements move can also be changed in the video editor. This unique way of tailoring video visual effects result in a rich and personalized visual movie experience.

Additional layers of video effects

In combination with the classic overlay video effects and the huge collection of video color filters, some special features will enhance their visual impact.

A fully parametrable layer can be mix and blended into the visual effect, to allow you to add a vignette effect, a shaking square halo around the video scene, destructure the image, or change it as if it would be printed on a newspaper.

There's also movie effects like feedback effects, where the current video view is zoomed or reduced again and again, and motion blur, that adds trailing to moves to make smooth moves or add a ghost touch to your video edits.

video editor with old movie vignette effect