Share your holidays with a video

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Show your extraordinary holidays with our amazing video editor software. From hiking in the mountains to exploring new cities together, Kudoflix movie maker has all the need features to create a great holiday movie.

With fun and quality effects and awesome tunes and sound effects, you can create a video that brings your holiday photos and videos to life. When your holiday video is built, share it with your best friends and family members, and keep a track of this beautiful moment.

You will show others, sending this video creation, other nice places and new things to discover!

kudoflix video builder for holidays
Your Holidays on video now !
easy movie editor for young people and grandparents

Everyone in family can use this easy video editor

Made accessible to young kids or grandparents, our user-friendly video editor is built to be sure that every member of the family can simple do the holiday video-making job.

Its intuitive interface provides all the tools to tell a unique perspective to the adventure. With easy navigation and accessible and understandable features, it's a breeze to put together a video that showcases these family holidays.

Effects and assets are fun and you have a large choice, so everybody in the family will find what he needs to put his own touch to this holiday video creation.

Show the world your holidays using Kudoflix videomaker

A video editor made for families, the ultimate tool for creating unforgettable videos and share these to the world. Even the youngest members of the family can easily get involved in the creative video process.

Add fun effects, joyful music, professional quality animations, and even voiceovers thanks to a revolutionary built in feature to infuse your family's story into each holiday video.

Share the movie result with the rest of family, near and far, and preserve a record for this moment.

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