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Kudoflix: Easy video editing for families

A video editor is a tool everybody in the family can use, everybody will want to record a moment in a family video and add it's own touch or tell about his emotions.

The video editor software will help you save and make your favorite family memories even better. You can easily put together clips from family events and moments to create sweet videos that you'll keep forever. Advanced text features and voiceover will help the narrator in commenting the family video.

Compile the best times with your family with this Kudoflix, a magic movie editor!

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Video Editing made easy, for Kids and Families

Our powerful video editor isn't just for adults, it's accessible to kids too! Anyone can make professional grade videos that look super cool with fun effects and music.

Kudoflix is a movie studio, and you're the director! Easily make videos to remember those good times and share them with your family and friends.

People won't believe you created a video masterpiece in minutes, and will ask which professional did it for you. Kudoflix produce similar results as the most expensive video editor software.

Add a lot of fun to your Family Videos!

Super cool features and effects can be found in Kudoflix movie editor. You will share a lot of fun with the family video but also you'll have a lot of fun creating it.

You will find funny stickers, playful animations, vibrant visual effects, and professional color filters to make your video pop! Add some happy music to your movie creation and you will make something your family won't forget.

With this unparalleled movie maker, Ordinary moments can become something hilarious and unforgettable. It's up to you and your imagination to make your family videos something really special!

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