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The ultimate secret weapon for selling houses and apartments is a complete video editor as Kudoflix. It has all the features to create professional virtual tours and show the best of the properties you sell.

Showcase the best features of each home and zoom in the details that will lead to a sale. Kudoflix color filters and professional looking visual effects will make your listed properties shine like never before.

Another great advantage of Kudoflix video editor is that it won't bury you under painful features and you don't need to be a professional video editor guru to use it, it has a user friendly interface and you can build real estate videos in no time.

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Real Estate revolution, Pro Videos made quicker

Video editing requires expertise, except if you decide to use Kudoflix. This revolutionary video creator turns you into a real estate marketing expert, even if you're a beginner.

Gather pictures and videos you took of the property and like magic, all will be put together in such a professional way. You can add animated texts and voice over to emphasize the pros of each property. The is no steep learning curve for this software, and it's running fast and produce videos very quickly.

No more endless waiting for the software to respond or render an output, this huge amount of time gained can be used on enhancing your words and your marketting strategy.

Make Video Tours and Interactive Displays

Virtual property tours, guided by expertly crafted videos you created in a few minutes, offer an immersive experience that brings properties to life. With Kudoflix you can add texts and elements to highlight key features like stylish interiors and unique amenities.

Kudoflix is a dynamic tool for real estate agencies, that can display the real estate videos on interactive screens in-store or just integrated into online listings, videos is a simple format can be used on any platform or device.

These videos are the perfect support for agencies, quickly enhancing property showings and giving a right and professional information to potential buyers.

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