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Kudoflix Video Editor is the Perfect Portfolio Maker!

Artists and Photographers need to show off their talent with a very professional touch. This is now possible with Kudoflix amazing video editor. You can build with it a slideshow video and create a gallery of your art.

A large set of transitions and awesome animation features can be used to build the perfect visual portfolio. Kudoflix has advanced features so you can express your creativity and your portfolio will look like no other.

It's the perfect slideshow creator to display photos of your work with style and show them to the world.

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Professional tool to show your talent!

Kudoflix video editor has all the required features to help you showcase your talent with a touch of professionalism and elegance. The software is so easy to use that you will create very quickly stunning visual presentations.

Cinematic effects, smooth transitions and voiceover will bring your presentation to a higher level. This professional tool has unique features that will make your video unique.

This Pro touch of digital art will add another dimension to the work you want to promote. Portfolio Videos can be shown in galleries or events on screen, or just put online on your Professional web site.

Get clients with a stunning Presentation Video Maker

All Creative professionals need to convince clients with the quality of their work. Since Kudoflix video editor has professional features and offer professional quality rendering, you will create videos that showcase your talent the best it could be.

Elegant transitions and engaging effects will make your presentation video an art piece itself. Video is a good art support that can be combined with more the more traditionals photos or paintings. You can use Kudoflix to extend your art range, and deliver digital art to your clients.

Launch the app, start a creation and open new dimensions with this incredible new video editor.

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